Homeschool Gossip Girl (#3)

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Home Schooled elite. 

Well, well, well. Look who we have here, S is finally back on the scene after a long hiatus. She wasn’t in rehab, or lost without wifi, she has just been off the radar. With her schoolwork piling up and busy schedule, not much scandal has come about…until now.

Gossip girl only reports when something interesting happens, and the interesting is NOW!

Lets get the run down about S, and what she has done the past few months shall we?

For starters, her travels. These past few months, S has seen some sights. From Washington D.C to New York City. Visiting museums, shopping, and also college? Thats right, S is getting ready to start new adventures in the Big Apple. So, she will live the Upper East Sider like she tries to emulate.

Just a small amount of her travels from the past few months. Now that is 2017, what new adventures will she go on? We will find out and tell you first hand.

Now onto the juicy stuff. So, little S, we know you have had some boy problems in the past (cough cough M), but that hasn’t been stopping you from seeing people hmm? Before your trips, my sources say you were hooking up with “the quiet boy”, and we see how well that worked out, because the day you got home from New York, he dumped you. Then, after New York, you were caught with someone…who has a girlfriend. That didn’t stop you. Way  to go S, a home wrecker, not surprised. But, that affair didn’t last long. So, did she luck out with something? Actually yes. Meet G. S’s current boyfriend. Dating for a month thus far, but we don’t know how much longer. But, we shall see.


You know you love me

xoxo HomeSchool Gossip Girl


Home Schooled Gossip Girl (Entry 2)

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source for the scandalous lives of Home Schooled elite.

Spotted: S. Sitting a lone at Starbucks. Now, you are probably wondering why is she at a Starbucks? Well, she’s doing school work of course. And, thanks to Google Maps, it turns out a high school is right there. I guess she is trying to catch the attention of the other sex.

She was also seen with a photographer. It is not a new flame, he’s like 23. But, with multiple outfits, who knows what she’s shooting. I will keep that updated for sure.

My sources tell me that little S will be making some school appearances soon. Homecoming season is among us my loyal followers. Now, the word is that S has been invited to 5 homecomings already. She is a little charity case. Hopefully S can handle 5 different dates, 5 dresses, and 5 times she has to tease her hair.

But here she is. Don’t worry, she keeps everyone updated on Snapchat.


You know you love me, XOXO Home Schooled Gossip Girl!

Home Schooled Gossip Girl (entry 1)

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source for the scandalous lives of Home Schooled elite. 

Spotted: S and her new beginnings. Who knew one of public schools it girls would turn to online school. Well, my sources have it that after countless times threats have been made against her and that she was done waiting around to get her career started. So here she is. No schedule. No drama. No limit credit card. And of course, able to travel as she pleases, so here is where you will find her. 

So far, S has some things lined up. E let me have it all. “So far (S) is getting into modeling. Like slay. I also hear from her and this one teacher at our public school that she is getting a fashion internship”. Little miss Home Schooled, I know I didn’t think that she would honestly want to be free of this public schooled bs. 

Who knows where S where go in all of this. But, stay tuned.

You know you love me, xoxo Home Schooled Gossip Girl



How to start the school year off right.

Hey guys,

So at the moment I am in school and this post is going to consist of me writing durning classes, so in second hour right now. Anyways, with school approaching for some of you, you are probably in summer mode, and needing some help returning to school, here is some tips on how to go back to school.

  1. Get your school supplies. Try and figure out ways to keep organized for the year. Get fun and colorful supplies to make you excited to go back.
  2. Organize and prioritize
  3. Pick out an amazing outfit for the first day of school. Make it cute and comfy and reflect your style.
  4. Go on Pinterest and look at pictures for inspiration.
  5. See your friends before summer ends and catch up if you haven’t seen them so much during the summer.
  6. Review things you learned last year, because they will be brought up.
  7. If you have any summer assignments, make sure to finish them.
  8. Make sure you have everything you need so you don’t have to scramble to do anything last minute.
  9. When you get to school, plan where you and your friends are gonna sit at lunch and where to meet after classes.
  10. If you are new to the school, walking around to know where you are going, is a good idea.

That’s all for today! Happy back to school!

Xox Sydney ❤️

(Me on the first day of school)

My favorite outfits for school!

Hey guys!

So I started school this week, and I wanna talk about my typical style and clothes for school. 


Typically I go for very put together clothing, and its always food to have a blazer.


A skirt, sweater, and statement necklace is always a good combo.


Layering is also amazing! Especially when fall and winter is approaching.


A good tip for school is to:

“Keep it classy but causal”

blair-waldorf-blazer (1)

But sometimes, its ok to dress it up.


Need I say more? Blazers.


I always wear pearls, may I say, I made it trend at school.

“On Wednesdays, wear pearls”


You can go crazy or simple with jewelry


Scarves are awesome in the fall and winter months

Thats all for now 

xoxo Sydney