fashion Lab (Dinner Party)

fashion Lab (Dinner Party)

Topman mens skinny chino pants
$31 –

Rolex mens watch

Burberry mens wallet
$285 –

Banana Republic mens belt

Fashion Lab (Graduate Student)

Fashion Lab (Graduate Student)

Kendall + Kylie black thigh high boots
$210 –

Stud earrings

Frends headphone
$330 –

Ray-Ban ray ban glasses
$175 –

Sylvia Alexander wrap shawl

Fashion Lab (Working Women)

Fashion Lab (Working Women)

Night Out

Night Out

Moschino Cheap Chic shift dress
$300 –

Ann Demeulemeester stretching shoes
$1,195 –

Yves Saint Laurent monogrammed bag
$760 –

when it’s casually 70 degrees out

when it's casually 70 degrees out

White top

Zimmermann short shorts

Casadei leather shoes

Chloé man bag
$2,045 –

Christian Dior sunglasses
$465 –

When it is almost September, but its 80 degrees…

When it is almost September, but its 80 degrees...

Gucci dress

Gucci shoes

Hermès leather handbag
$6,720 –

Forever 21 jewelry
$15 –

Home Schooled Gossip Girl (Entry 2)

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source for the scandalous lives of Home Schooled elite.

Spotted: S. Sitting a lone at Starbucks. Now, you are probably wondering why is she at a Starbucks? Well, she’s doing school work of course. And, thanks to Google Maps, it turns out a high school is right there. I guess she is trying to catch the attention of the other sex.

She was also seen with a photographer. It is not a new flame, he’s like 23. But, with multiple outfits, who knows what she’s shooting. I will keep that updated for sure.

My sources tell me that little S will be making some school appearances soon. Homecoming season is among us my loyal followers. Now, the word is that S has been invited to 5 homecomings already. She is a little charity case. Hopefully S can handle 5 different dates, 5 dresses, and 5 times she has to tease her hair.

But here she is. Don’t worry, she keeps everyone updated on Snapchat.


You know you love me, XOXO Home Schooled Gossip Girl!