Homeschool Gossip Girl (#3)

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Home Schooled elite. 

Well, well, well. Look who we have here, S is finally back on the scene after a long hiatus. She wasn’t in rehab, or lost without wifi, she has just been off the radar. With her schoolwork piling up and busy schedule, not much scandal has come about…until now.

Gossip girl only reports when something interesting happens, and the interesting is NOW!

Lets get the run down about S, and what she has done the past few months shall we?

For starters, her travels. These past few months, S has seen some sights. From Washington D.C to New York City. Visiting museums, shopping, and also college? Thats right, S is getting ready to start new adventures in the Big Apple. So, she will live the Upper East Sider like she tries to emulate.

Just a small amount of her travels from the past few months. Now that is 2017, what new adventures will she go on? We will find out and tell you first hand.

Now onto the juicy stuff. So, little S, we know you have had some boy problems in the past (cough cough M), but that hasn’t been stopping you from seeing people hmm? Before your trips, my sources say you were hooking up with “the quiet boy”, and we see how well that worked out, because the day you got home from New York, he dumped you. Then, after New York, you were caught with someone…who has a girlfriend. That didn’t stop you. Way  to go S, a home wrecker, not surprised. But, that affair didn’t last long. So, did she luck out with something? Actually yes. Meet G. S’s current boyfriend. Dating for a month thus far, but we don’t know how much longer. But, we shall see.


You know you love me

xoxo HomeSchool Gossip Girl


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