When it is almost September, but its 80 degrees…

When it is almost September, but its 80 degrees...

Gucci dress

Gucci shoes

Hermès leather handbag
$6,720 – vestiairecollective.com

Forever 21 jewelry
$15 – forever21.com


Todays Outfit

Todays Outfit

Home Schooled Gossip Girl (Entry 2)

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source for the scandalous lives of Home Schooled elite.

Spotted: S. Sitting a lone at Starbucks. Now, you are probably wondering why is she at a Starbucks? Well, she’s doing school work of course. And, thanks to Google Maps, it turns out a high school is right there. I guess she is trying to catch the attention of the other sex.

She was also seen with a photographer. It is not a new flame, he’s like 23. But, with multiple outfits, who knows what she’s shooting. I will keep that updated for sure.

My sources tell me that little S will be making some school appearances soon. Homecoming season is among us my loyal followers. Now, the word is that S has been invited to 5 homecomings already. She is a little charity case. Hopefully S can handle 5 different dates, 5 dresses, and 5 times she has to tease her hair.

But here she is. Don’t worry, she keeps everyone updated on Snapchat.


You know you love me, XOXO Home Schooled Gossip Girl!

Home School: What I Bring Out

Home School: What I Bring Out

Fall Transition

Fall Transition

Glamorous red shirt
$18 – glamorous.com

Chanel bag

Home Schooled Gossip Girl (entry 1)

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source for the scandalous lives of Home Schooled elite. 

Spotted: S and her new beginnings. Who knew one of public schools it girls would turn to online school. Well, my sources have it that after countless times threats have been made against her and that she was done waiting around to get her career started. So here she is. No schedule. No drama. No limit credit card. And of course, able to travel as she pleases, so here is where you will find her. 

So far, S has some things lined up. E let me have it all. “So far (S) is getting into modeling. Like slay. I also hear from her and this one teacher at our public school that she is getting a fashion internship”. Little miss Home Schooled, I know I didn’t think that she would honestly want to be free of this public schooled bs. 

Who knows where S where go in all of this. But, stay tuned.

You know you love me, xoxo Home Schooled Gossip Girl