Summer: Recap

Hey Guys!!!!

Long time no talk!

Today I am gonna be recapping my summer so far.

For starters, I am going on vacation to Hawaii in 10 days, so that means I have to go shopping for this trip. I was thinking bring a few things, like the basics, and then go shopping once I get there for more appropriate clothing. I am making a bucket list type thing and I will do a post on that right before I go on the trip. As well as, taking a lot of pictures and I will do a post on that as well.

Secondly, summer romance. Yes I am seeing someone. Weird. No one really guessed I would be dating someone…or that he is really fricking attractive! Like OH MY GOD! Anyways, we have been hanging out, going places, and just enjoying life. We usually watch netflix in my basement or go boating or walk to get ice cream or something. I really enjoy having him around and he will be around for a while in my opinion.

Next, besides from being with that guy, I have been seeing my friends like crazy! We always go boating or just walking around. Never a dull moment in my life. Its been keeping me crazy busy!

And Lastly, I am REALLY tan.

Thats all for now

xoxo Sydney