Getting Through Life

“Life is rough.”

Hey guys.

This past month and a half has been extremely rough. But there is a good side to this, summer is coming.

Now…summer is my time to fix up or clean up around the edges of my life. And I am going to fix everything! Like I said, the past month and a half has been rough. Let me sum it up, I lost one of my best friends, this guy I have been seeing dumped me, been so busy with baseball (managing), I also have had a mental break down and sunk into depression and anxiety. I am going to see a therapy, and I am getting my life together. Which is good. Now, my summer plan is to be more social and make a well known name for myself. I will admit now, I am one of the only people in my town that has money, and I am not one of the people you consider popular or socially experienced. Hopefully, that will all change. I will try and document everything that happens. This is almost gonna be a journal documenting my progress in the social world. You never know, I could become a pretty big socialite. Also a plus to this to is that I live very close to a big city, and I could even do some city appearances as well, due to the fact I made a friend who has his own car, and has a better social life than me, which is a huge plus! Currently, as I am writing today, I am planning a huge shopping for tomorrow and I made a hair appointment as well, which is exciting!! I am also almost done with school, freshmen year is almost over (week and a half left), and my plans for summer, not just my social incline, is going to be great, I can feel it! I am going on vacation, I have a connection for parties, thanks N!!!, and just be as close to a socialite as possible. So thats all for today.

“Life will get better.”

xoxo Sydney


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