First Day of Summer! 

Summer has started!!! 

Hey guys! So here is my first day of summer.

So the actual last day of school was optional and I had to go.  No me was in class.

We got out at school at 10am so my friend and I got coffee and a muffin.

We went shopping around and looked into a summer job actually.

I went go get my nails done as well

My brother also graduated from middle school, so we went to the ceremony.

Also today, I had a really nice conversation with an old friend and it made me really happy. I have never opened up to anyone about some things. And they understand which is good. So if your reading this, thank you!

That’s all of today 

Xoxo Sydney 


Schools Out!!!

Summer time!!!!

For the next three months, enjoy my summer posts!!! 

Im Off to the lake 

*mawha* Sydney

Summer Vibes

Summer Vibes


H M jersey dress
$12 –

Polo Ralph Lauren crossbody purse
$735 –

Michael kors jewelry
$360 –

Kate Spade tech accessory

Lips makeup

Marc Jacobs fragrance

Finals Week

t-minus seven days left of school…

Hey guys,

Life is getting tough again, as a heads up. But, tomorrow is a new day.

Anyways, last full day of school. Thank god!!!! Time to start working on more summer plans, and getting my calendar in place. Summer cannot come fast enough. Now about finals, I need some study tips, I have A’s in all my other classes, minus “Concepts of Energy”, or Basic Physics, so please, comment some study tips. It will be extremely appreciated. Also, comment some fun summer ideas, my plan for a post in a while is to post some cool sum me rides to keep busy.

…It will all be over soon.


Getting Through Life

“Life is rough.”

Hey guys.

This past month and a half has been extremely rough. But there is a good side to this, summer is coming.

Now…summer is my time to fix up or clean up around the edges of my life. And I am going to fix everything! Like I said, the past month and a half has been rough. Let me sum it up, I lost one of my best friends, this guy I have been seeing dumped me, been so busy with baseball (managing), I also have had a mental break down and sunk into depression and anxiety. I am going to see a therapy, and I am getting my life together. Which is good. Now, my summer plan is to be more social and make a well known name for myself. I will admit now, I am one of the only people in my town that has money, and I am not one of the people you consider popular or socially experienced. Hopefully, that will all change. I will try and document everything that happens. This is almost gonna be a journal documenting my progress in the social world. You never know, I could become a pretty big socialite. Also a plus to this to is that I live very close to a big city, and I could even do some city appearances as well, due to the fact I made a friend who has his own car, and has a better social life than me, which is a huge plus! Currently, as I am writing today, I am planning a huge shopping for tomorrow and I made a hair appointment as well, which is exciting!! I am also almost done with school, freshmen year is almost over (week and a half left), and my plans for summer, not just my social incline, is going to be great, I can feel it! I am going on vacation, I have a connection for parties, thanks N!!!, and just be as close to a socialite as possible. So thats all for today.

“Life will get better.”

xoxo Sydney