How To: Shopping Trip

Hey guys!

Like I said last post, I am doing a shopping prep/shopping smart guide!

Lets just get started!

1. Know what you are shopping for:

Keep in mind the season and all the trends right now. Make a list of everything you want and you need.

2. Budget:

If you have a budget, buy the least expensive items first, and then, save up for the more expensive items on your list.

3. Check online:

Look up the items online or different websites, even similar styles, if you don’t want to spend more money

4.Look for coupons 

5. Make a plan for the day:

If you are going out for the day to go shopping, make sure you ares wearing comfortable shoes, and are all prepared.

That is all! Pretty simple right?




Sick Day

Long time no talk!

Currently…I am in bed sick. I haven’t been sick in a while, but I am feeling better.

Today, I am actually working on my blog, the renovations and I am also planning a shopping trip, it takes a lot of prep. In other news, I have been REALLY busy lately. As in school has been insane, hockey season and spending time with people I don’t really see anymore. But hey, I am here now.

So if you haven’t noticed the changes…there is some new features on here.

  • New blog name
  • Background
  • About me page
  • Current style page
  • Links page

Quite a bit eh???

So here is whats next for few posts, today is another shopping guide, closet tour, and redoing my room.

Pretty excited I am actually going to be posting!!!!!

I will talk to you guys in a bit!