Hey everyone!
I have been really busy lately!
So I am sorry I don’t post that much anymore. I am going to try to post more.
So let’s talk about fall or autumn!
For starters this is my favorite season!
I love how clean and crisp the air is.
My biggest obsession is probably fall fashion. This is where my preppy style really shines! Like riding boots, j.crew vests, navy and neutral tones are my life during the fall time! Another one of my favorites is kind of lame, but the temp is perfection! Like not to hot not to cold. The leaves falling and how pretty the colors are just so beautiful! But also let’s not forget, it’s hot tea season! So more tea! Also moment of silence for the Starbucks workers. All of us girls getting pumpkin spice lattes, let’s just have a moment of silence for them.
That’s all!
Hope you have a great day!


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