Freshmen Week!

Hey everyone!
So if you are new to my blog,
If you wan to learn more about me, go to my info box!
If you have any questions
Feel free to comment!

So this week is going to be crazy!

I was REALLY sick. I got a pretty bad cold over the weekend, and it sucked. So I seriously took it easy. But I was working on blog and stuff for a future post that I will post probably next week! Here is a picture to give a hint…


I am feeling a bit better. I am in love with my outfit and everything is all good! I will do an outfits of the week on Friday. I finally found out where I have seen the cute English boys last name! I am not gonna say it, cuz I have a feeling that he will see this…. But any ways, I am writing in commons right now. When I get home, ice bucket challenge!

I have a coffee date! Me and my best guy friend are going to get coffee before school! We went on Tuesday, but we are going with a couple other people too. For theater, we are working on a project. I seriously love that class! After school, I am going to do research for my blog post for next week.

I am doing nothing! Lol I am probably gonna do a fashion post. So look for that!

I am really excited for Friday!
For starters, it’s Friday!
Secondly… I am doing a group outting!
Ok so me and a few of my friends are going to the library across the street from my school and then we are going to go to a bakery that is down the street! I may just do a post in that cuz I am so excited! It’s going to be so fun!

So that is my weeks plans.
Next week should be a bit calmer
But I will blog about that too!



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