First Day of Freshmen Year!

Hey there!

So today was the first day of school.

And I am a freshmen.

So kill me now, before a senior does.

So lets go through the day!

I will also do outfits of the week! So look out for those!

1st Hour, PE: Since 1. Our school is old 2. our air conditioning sucks and 3. It is SO freaking hot, we were in the auditorium, and we will be there for the week. Anyways, since we have a boys and girls class during the same period, we were all mixed in there. We went over expectations and stuff like that. We also got our gym uniforms. Nothing really happened.

2nd Hour, Math: So I am taking Algebra 1a, which is a bit slower and more in depth. So my ex-crush is in there…. and this girl who banged my friends bro. But we have a really small class in general. I feel like I am going to be the only one who is going to get stuff done. But you never know, the ex crush is looking mighty fine!

3rd Hour, Theater Art: So I am doing this as my extra class. So my mortal enemy said she was doing Spanish, nooooo, she is doing this course! And so is this annoying girl! Gwad! Like what even! But I REALLY like my teacher! He is really funny and down to earth. What is the school policy on swearing? If you ever read or saw the movie, Speak, he is Mr.Freemen all the way!

4th Hour, Global Study: So I went to the wrong class….. I accidentally went to the honors class. I went too the honors class instead. So I just went down a couple more doors. And one of my befriends was there! And my fling guy, I haven’t really seen in like 3 years….A fling to me is just flirting and nothing more. My teacher is prob my favorite…. She is really funny and I am OBSESSED with her style! It is nautical and she knows what preppy is! I seriously wanted her outfit!

5th Hour, Lunch: THE LUNCHES ARE CRAP! I didn’t get one, I brought mine. My friend got one and it was REALLY gross! But it was a nice time to talk about our day and our summers.

6th Hour, English: It was awkward…. but I got used to it. Some people from my class last year were there. Like both Jakes. We broke the ice, and we found out that we have a paper we have to do on Monday about our summer reading. The only thing I cared about in that class was, Nick. I didn’t even know he existed! I don’t know if he went to the other middle school in the district or what. But he is 100% my type! He is a babe! So I may talk about him sometimes.

7th Hour, Commons: Commons is study hall. I had my OLD elementary friends there. We were all REALLY close, then we drifted. It was nice to see them. I also drew a picture of a taco.

8th Hour, Concepts of Matter: This is chemistry. And I had it today! There is this new kid named Ricardo. I want to get to know him. This is my teachers first year teaching. This should be interesting. I have Katie and Chase in my class so this should be fun! LOL!

So class doesn’t officially start till Monday. I am going to have some simple homework this week. This is going to be an awesome year! I am so ready for homecoming! It is in 6 weeks! If you think about it, its not that long away! I am going to do a post on that when it gets closer!



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