Middle School Advice!

Hey their flawless people!

I go back to school this week 😦

And in honor of that, here is some middle school advice.

So 6th,7th and 8th grade.

I am going to be a freshmen so middle school was recent.

1. If you are going to be a 6th grader, don’t be afraid of it. Everyone in your class is just as scared as you so don’t worry.

2. Don’t freak out about your locker combo. You will get it memorized in like a week.

3. Changing for gym was scary. But in like 2 months we were commenting on peoples bras and stuff. Thats creepy but lets move on….

4. BE ON TASK! Especially in 8th grade.

5. Study for tests. In 8th grade, you have to do all of the placement exams and studying was HORRIBLE, but I did well 🙂

6. Guys: 6th get to know, 7th crush, 8th can start dating, enough said.

7. Don’t get mixed with bad people. So not douches or drug addicts!

8.Have a good student teacher bond. They will help you out. If you are one percentage point from an “A” they will prob help you out.

9. Don’t get caught up in DRAMA!

10. Be yourself! You are probably going through phases in middle school. It is such an awkward time for everyone. So walk through those hallways with your head held high and like nothing can stop you.



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