Shopping w/ Sydney part.1

Hey guys!

Today I am gonna give you my transition from summer to fall shopping list: With pictures!!! Lets get into it!

oh and there will be more shopping posts for the summer transition season!


This Coach Backpack, I am gonna use it for school and I love the pink and just how classic it looks!


Pink Juicy Couture Daydreamer Purse: Since I am going to be a freshmen, we are able to bring around purses, and well I love this vintage juicy daydreamer! It is so cute and classic and probably one of juicy’s most famous bags!



Coach Phone Case: My outer box is getting old and gross so it is time to upgrade to this beautiful coach phone case


Abercrombie Polo: I know Massie’s no logo rule, but every girl needs a always in style polo, you can add a lot of thing to a polo to make it your own!


Kaki Jeans, I love preppy styles, and nothing sounds more preppy than kaki jeans!


Active/Lounge Shorts, I have seen these shorts all over tumblr. These are great for a lazy day or being up all night studying, or even gym class.


A Simple Logo Tee, When you have a lazy day, you need to look the part! A good logo tee will do the damage!


Kaki Shorts, These are so cute! I have these and they are so classic and perfect for warmer fall days


Thigh Shorts, Most girls these days love to show their ass cheeks with super short shorts, well thats a no no! These super cute dark wash shorts add flare to preppy styles.



Two Fashion Tops, You can never go wrong with one! You can layer them to make it look FLAWLESS!


Troy Birch Sandals: A neutral colored shoe is super cute for the transition


Troy Birch Boots: I have no WORDS! These are so perfect!


Fun Wedges!: Super cute for a warmer day and a more dressy day


Floral Booties: Super cute and vintage! Perfect for the fall, vintage is gonna be big this fall!


Spencer Hasting’s Collection:This areo set is my life! This is soooo cute and so preppy and classic!


Well thats it for today I am gonna do more of these! Kali and I are gonna do something like this later on! ❤